I have a new term for a ship where one or both members die in canon.

Ghost ship.

It may be sunk, but it’s still sailing.



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As many of you know, our lovely couple Danny and Ethan, also called Dethan, kind of “broke up” in this season 3B finale of TeenWolf. The ending was eternal, but it doesn’t keep the pain away. It hurts. A lot. Because they were my one true OTP. They are the one of the few couples that made me cry real tears of joy.

My story with Dethan began about one year ago. I still remember when there was just three post on the Dethan tag here on Tumblr. I remember when there was just four fics on AO3, and when we still didn’t know who’d play Ethan.

I don’t know what made me even look at this couple, when they still didn’t really were a thing. But they took me by storm, as they did to all of us. There perfectness from the very beginning will never be forgotten .

Therefor I won’t loose hope. I will continue to wait, because I still believe that they can continue their journey togheter with us. And They might have ended things yesterday, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be this way forever. And I hope other see this too. Because….

Dethan is my forever OTP, and I won’t give up on them.


remember when teen wolf was a stupid teen show with wolves and bad effects and we thought the one we had to worry about was peter? 

yeah, that was cute.

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